A new project of international cooperation with the Université Bretagne Sud in the French city of Lorient has been successfully launched! We have started with an innovative form of teaching in which teams of Slovak and French students cooperate. Together, they solve assignments from a Slovak startup in the field of financial innovation, which wants to establish itself in France, and from a French software company willing to establish itself in Slovakia.

Within the cooperation, students use their professional knowledge from studying at the Faculty of Economics and professionalize their cross-sectional competencies (language, communication and presentation skills, teamwork in an intercultural environment, etc.).

Professional tutoring and guidance are provided by Janka Taborecka and Žaneta Lacová from the Faculty of Economics. We keep our fingers crossed for students Ivana Nagyová, Barbora Svoreňová and Daniela Králiková. The results of their semestrial work will contribute to the concretization of cooperation with practice and the building of the alliance of European universities EMERGE.