Deepening cooperation

The possibilities for deepening cooperation were the subject of the visit of a high-ranking delegation from the University of Limerick to the EUF. From Monday to Thursday, Prof. Dr. Kerstin Mey, President of UL, Prof. Dr. Nigel Healey, Vice President for Global and Community Engagement, Prof. Dr. Gisela Holfter, Director of the Centre for Irish German Studies, Prof. Dr. Joachim Fischer, Director of the Centre for European Studies, Andreas Deverall, Head of Future and Foresight and Josephine Page, Head of UL Global, held discussions at EUF on how to further develop the strategic partnership.

Similarities between the two universities

“The two universities have many similarities,” explained Prof. Dr Werner Reinhart. “They are both relatively young universities and are both strong in teacher education, in European education and in sustainability.”

Some cooperation projects

In the discussions with members of the presidium as well as academic scholars, the following points, among others, were addressed:

  • The joint possibilities for increasing mobility in the teacher training programme
  • Stronger cooperation between the Master’s programme “Culture – Language – Media” (KSM) and the Centre for Irish German Studies.
  • In general, a stronger exploration of cooperation in the area of sustainability/green campus
  • A deepening of cooperation in the area of the European consortium EMERGE (“European Margins Engaging For Regional And Global Empowerment”)
  • The organisation of a joint conference on the future direction of “European Studies”.

Next week: EUF visits Limerick

Next week, representatives of the EUF will be guests at the UL. Among others, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Glassmann, Vice President for Europe and International Affairs, will sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the eight other universities of the EMERGE university alliance.