On behalf of the Steering Committee of EMERGE, I am pleased to announce that on June 28, 2024, our application for financial support under the European University Initiative was formally approved by the European Commission. The EMERGE European University Alliance has been awarded the maximum budgetary allocation under the scheme for the next 48 months.

Since 2019, the nine members of EMERGE have been operating as a dynamic European University Alliance, collaborating on a wide range of joint Erasmus+ projects. We have consistently organized workshops, seminars, and joint educational activities focused on inclusion, solidarity, multilingualism, cultural diversity, and the promotion of the European way of life.

The award of the Erasmus+ grant will enable EMERGE to invest in dedicated staffing and organizational infrastructure. This will deepen our institutional cooperation and help us fulfill our mission of empowering marginalized territories and communities, thereby contributing to a more equitable, sustainable, and prosperous Europe for all.

Professor Nigel Healey

Vice President Global and Community Engagement

University of Limerick / Coordinator of EMERGE